What has been the process with neighborhood groups and the local authorities?

Since Grosvenor acquired the site in 2020, it has worked closely with both its tenant, The British International School of Washington, and various local stakeholders like Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) 2E and 3B, the Old Georgetown Board, the Commission of Fine Arts, the National Park Service, the Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, the Office of Planning, the District Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy and the Environment, and other key review agencies. In total, there have been approximately 20 public meetings since August 2021 to review and refine the architecture, site improvements, and public benefits associated with the various phases of the project.

What is the square footage allowable versus what is planned?

The new building is planned to only use 298,631 square feet of the 403,688 square feet allowed under the existing zoning regulations. The site’s current zoning allows for 493,513 square feet of gross floor area on the 3.15-acre lot that includes both the existing school building and 3300 Whitehaven office building. With the existing school building taking up 89,825 square feet of that allowable density, the redevelopment of the 3300 Whitehaven office building is allowed to use 403,688 square feet of gross floor area. However, through the iterative design review process with the Old Georgetown Board and Commission of Fine Arts, Grosvenor has refined the redevelopment to be more contextually sensitive and ensure that its massing is sculpted to respond to the existing height and character of the surrounding urban fabric.

Will there be any negative impacts to Dumbarton Oaks Park?

Through multiple years of engagement and collaboration with the National Park Service and the Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, Grosvenor has worked diligently to ensure that its redevelopment plans will not have an adverse impact on the invaluable natural, cultural, and historical resources of Dumbarton Oaks Park. In addition to committing to financially support key educational programs run by the Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, Grosvenor’s redevelopment will also include critical stormwater management features on site to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff into the park by over 30%.

How will the project impact traffic in the area?

As compared to the alternative of re-occupying the vacant office building, redeveloping the site into residential results in fewer trips made to/from the site. Offices typically accommodate a higher volume of daily commuters, clients, service providers, etc., on a square foot-basis which results in a higher number of trips compared to residential buildings, where occupants tend to have more stable routines, fewer daily comings and goings, and fewer occupants in general3. As such, in a scenario where the office building was to be reoccupied, we would expect an increase in the number of vehicles using Whitehaven Street NW compared to the current proposal.

Where will the British International School of Washington go?

BISW is a long-term and very valued tenant of Grosvenor’s and will remain in-place during construction and well beyond, with a lease in place until 2043. In addition to the 16,000 square foot gymnasium delivered to the school in December 2023, the project will also deliver numerous campus improvements for BISW that the school will benefit from for years to come. Enhancements include, but are not limited to, a new, purpose-built play area directly adjacent to the school building, a renovated pick-up and drop-off area with more space for queuing, which will allow for less congestion on Whitehaven Street, a new pocket park with built-in seating, 15 additional dedicated secured parking spaces, and parking for 4 additional school buses.

How will this project benefit the broader Georgetown and Glover Park community?

In addition to the first phase of the project (BISW’s new gymnasium) taking pressure off local public facilities like Jelleff Recreation Center, and the second phase delivering much needed housing in a supply-constrained area of the city, the overall redevelopment will bring with it, upon building permits being secured, key financial support for important local programs and initiatives, including:

  • $10,000 to Glover Park Main Street to support ‘Art All Night’ or similar program or improvements
  • $10,000 to Georgetown Main Street to support a small business storytelling marketing specialist and marketing campaigns or similar programs
  • $55,000 to Hyde-Addison Elementary PTA to support student technology resources ($25,000) and academic enrichment activities ($30,000)
  • $55,000 to Stoddert Elementary PTO to support student technology resources ($25,000) and academic enrichment activities ($30,000)
  • $65,000 to Hardy Middle School PTO to support student technology resources ($30,000) and academic enrichment activities ($35,000)
  • $20,000 to Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy’s ‘Leave No Child Inside’ initiative for underserved and minority youth to support Dumbarton Explorers Program ($10,000) and Green Jobs & Green Tech Program ($10,000)
  • $150,000 to Mt. Zion-Female Union Band Society Historic Memorial Park, Inc., A.K.A. The Black Georgetown Foundation, to support initiatives to restore and promote the Mt. Zion-Female Union Band Society
  • $8,000 to Dumbarton Court Co-Op to support security efforts

When will construction start and how long will the project take?

Anticipating an April 2025 construction start; the project should be completed 29 months later.